Fort Myers Beach Games

Time for to prove your skills on the beach at Lani Kai Island Resort’s beach games! Win one of Lani Kai’s Beach Competition and you will receive a free rum runner as well as other potential prizes! For all our children playing, you have a chance to win a free ICEE or Ice Cream!


Bring your A+ game, because all your friends will be right there competing with you for the prize!


You didn’t make it all the way to the beach without wanting to taste sweet Victory!


With several games, and several times per day, everyone has a chance to shine!

Hoola Hoop Competition

Hoola Hoops were one of the first toys that kids play with. It’s time to channel your inner-child in order to claim your victory rum runner. With several hoopers competing at the same time, you’ll need to walk on your knees, and walk over a table while hooping, so get some practice in before showing up!

Walk On Your Knees

The first of two main challenge involves getting on your knees and taking two knee-steps forward. Challenging, but you can do this!

Climbing Onto A Table

If you made it to this point, you’re ready for victory. Just try not to kick anyone’s Rum Runner over while climbing onto the table!

Challenge #1 & #2 + 2 Hoops

This is where it gets real crazy! Run it back with 2 hoops, and the rum runner is yours. That’s how we hoop at Lani Kai!

Water Balloon Toss

The Water Balloon Toss is known to get wet and wild, with over 30 people playing at the same time to win Fort Myer’s Favorite Beach Drink. The trick with this is pure luck. We’ve seen water balloons tear down the beach unharmed, and the lightest toss cause a massive water balloon tidal wave across the catcher’s entire body. Good thing it’s always sunny and hot on Fort Myers Beach during Spring Break!

Grab A Balloon

Water Balloon Toss is one of the most popular games on the beach so make sure you grab one fast before they are all taken!

One Step Per Toss

Every time your team mate throws the balloon, they take a step back. Every time you throw, take a step back to increase your distance.

Don’t Get Wet!

If your friend and your balloon is the last one without bursting, you both win free drinks (or ice cream for kids!)

Limbo Contest

How low can you go?
They say you never really know someone until you see them try to Limbo, so take advantage of this relationship builder while competing for a delicious cold beverage!

Limber Up

Move around a bit, take of your sandals, adjust your bikini, tie your shorts, dig your toes into the sand, and get ready!

Lower The Bar

Every time the limbo line successfully makes it under the bar, the bar is lowered an additional notch.

Go The Lowest

Make it under the lowest rung as the beach cheers you on because you are about to become the Limbo Champion!