Spring Breakers and the Future of America

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As March kicks off another year of Spring Break in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, there is a new tone and mood surrounding the Spring Breaker’s arrival. Typically known by locals as a time to avoid the beach, kids from colleges all around the world flock to Lani Kai Island Resort to enjoy their time off from another challenging semester. While some see the influx of Spring Breakers in Fort Myers Beach, Florida as a problem, the reality is each additional college kid is a surplus to the local economy. In addition to helping Southwest Florida’s booming tourism industry, what many fail to realize through the partying and good times is that the current college population will grow up to be the leaders of our country. Lani Kai Island Resort recognizes this and is taking action this year to emphasize the truth behind Spring Breakers and what they mean for Fort Myers Beach and for the country as a whole.

The effort to celebrate college students is decades old, with Lani Kai Island Resort opening their doors to spring breakers from all over the world. Year after year, over 300 different colleges plan their trips to Florida in order to get out of the snow and have some fun in the sun. Lani Kai’s efforts have evolved from simply acting as a place to visit, to gearing the entire month of March towards entertainment that provides the best experience possible. While this year is slated to be the biggest Spring Break in history, Lani Kai has taken additional steps to secure the legacy of Spring Break in Southwest Florida, as well as letting the visiting students know that their presence now and in the future is celebrated.

In order to emphasize gratitude for all the visiting students, Lani Kai is providing a “God Bless America” T-Shirt to every college student visiting for Spring Break. Each student wearing the God Bless America apparel signifies another young adult who is proud to be an American and has pride in their impact on our country.
“Spring Breakers are often seen as a burden, while we see them as one of the driving economic factors on Fort Myers Beach” Michael Ensor, Marketing Director of Lani Kai Island Resort, noted. “In addition to bringing in the most business to the entire island, they are also the future of our country. We aim to recognize each college student visiting for Spring Break as what they truly are: the future of America”.

Each college student visiting on vacation is eligible to receive a free T-Shirt, and Lani Kai’s clothing shops are able to further customize each shirt, in case a fraternity, sorority or other college group wants to label their shirts based on their school/group affiliation. The goal with the shirts is to share American Pride, and to let students know that at Lani Kai, they are seen as the future, not just party goers looking for a good time and cold drinks.

“We have received an enormous response filled with gratitude from college students who are happy to know that Lani Kai is happy to have them visit” Ensor said. “We hope that this impact on college students brings them back time and time again.”
While many see college students as the future of America, there are certain local residents who may resent their presence on Fort Myers Beach, typically because of increased traffic. The reality is everybody, at one point in time in their life, enjoyed a good party or two. Looking past small inconveniences and temporary traffic brings light to the fact that the United States of America is going through an evolution, and the changes that are coming will  shift the direction of the country as a whole. While many are polarized on one side or another, it’s crucial to look at the youth as the future, and to give them a voice, even on Spring Break. The message students take home when cities and businesses support their presence is recognized through life, and is sure to send an inspirational signal across the country from the small slice of paradise known as Fort Myers Beach.

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