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Improvements at Lani Kai Resort

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Changes are in the air, at Lani Kai Island Resort! With our new and improved rooms, and eco-friendly initiatives our resort hopes to leave you amazed. Our resort cares for the safety, and health of our customers. Since 1964, over 2,500,000 people have died from second-hand smoking. Florida has a had a history of second-hand smoking. Since the early 19th …

Lani Kai Island Resort | Mural Artist: Alan Mishiga | Fort Myers Beach

Lani Kai Artist – Alan Mishaga

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Alan Mishaga may be the most famous artist you’ve never heard of. If you aren’t one of thousands who’ve partied or snapped vacation selfies alongside his paintings, you’re one of hundreds of thousands who’ve seen them from Estero Boulevard while stalled in Fort Myers Beach traffic. Mishaga is the man behind the murals of that spring break icon, the Lani …